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MV Series No-Till Drills

Heavy Duty Double Disk

The MV Series No-Till Drill is a One Pass No-Till System designed for the Palouse Region with a Heavy Duty 9 Deg. Seed Opener & Parallel Arm System for Optimal Depth Control. Accumulated Down Pressure on our Openers, Wings & Tongue gives us the ability to follow any Terrain while keeping the balance of the drill intact & allowing the Tractor & Driver to make adjustments depending on field conditions.

If your interested in having some Custom No-Till Seeding done or Renting one of our No-Till Drills please see the Custom Seeding Tab or press the button above.

Seed Openers Heavy 9 Deg.: 

- 3/16" Thick x 18" Diameter seed disks.

- Heavy Duty Hubs & Spindle (Custom Made).

- Starter Fertilizer Tube places Phosphate at bottom of seed bed.

- Parallel Arm Linkage.

- Accumulated Down Pressure.

- Adjust down pressure on the fly depending on field condition.

- Superior Seed Depth Control.

- 7 1/2" spacing & 12" rank standard (Drawing Below).

- Optional Spacing Available on request.

Seed Openers Medium 6 Deg.: 
- 3/16" Thick x 18" Diameter seed disks.

- Heavy duty hubs & spindle (Custom Made).

- Phosphate tube which places fertilizer at bottom of seed bed.
- Parallel arm linkage & accumulated down pressure.
- Superior seed depth control.
- 7 1/2" spacing & 12" rank standard (Drawing Below).

Deep Band Openers:

- Same Hubs, Disks, & Spindles as seed.

- Fertilizer Tube Runs at the bottom of the trench.

- Parallel arm linkage & accumulated down pressure.

- Superior depth control & placement between seed rows.

- 15" Spacing, Single Rank (Drawing Below).

Shank Deep Band:

- Using Case IH 550 LB Trip & Side Mount Shank.

- Palouse Fertilizer Knife & Replaceable Point.

- Greater Option for Liquid or Anhydrous Fertilizer.

- Single or Double Shoot Liquid.

- 15" Spacing on 30" Rank, plenty of space for trash to pass.

Call us and see what kind of options we could incorporate into a custom drill for you!