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MV Series No-Till Drills

Heavy Duty Double Disk

We have been building No-Till Drills for the Palouse Area for over 30 years. We understand the unique issues that the Palouse Region presents, from hillsides to hard soil conditions. So when you are thinking about a No-Till Drill that can meet your needs and expectations come see us & we can work on designing a drill that specifically works for you.

Interested in having some Custom No-Till Seeding done or Renting one of our drills see the Custom Seeding Tab.

Seed Openers: 

- 3/16" Thick x 18" Diameter seed disks.

- Heavy duty hubs & spindle (Custom Made).

- Phosphate tube which places fertilizer at bottom of seed bed.

- Parallel arm linkage & accumulated down pressure.

- Superior seed depth control.

- 7 1/2" spacing & 12" rank standard (Drawing Below).

- Coming Soon: Medium duty, low disturbance opener!

- Optional Spacing Available on request.

Deep Band Openers:

- Same Hubs, Disks, & Spindles as seed.

- Fertilizer Tube Runs at the bottom of the trench.

- Parallel arm linkage & accumulated down pressure.

- Superior depth control & placement between seed rows.

- 15" Spacing, Single Rank (Drawing Below).

Shank Deep Band:

- Using Case IH 550 LB Trip & Side Mount Shank.

- Palouse Fertilizer Knife & Replaceable Point.

- Greater Option for Liquid or Anhydrous Fertilizer.

- Single or Double Shoot Liquid.

- 15" Spacing on 30" Rank, plenty of space for trash to pass.

Call us and see what kind of options we could incorporate into a custom drill for you!