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custom no-till seeding

no-tilling since 1983

Martin Anderson has the experience needed for Custom No-Till Seeding on the Palouse. His experience with No-Till goes beyond the just our Palouse Region. In the 80's & 90's he did custom work in Canada, California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, & Southern Idaho. Take advantage of his experience and knowledge from over 30 years of custom seeding & see how it can work for your No-Till needs.

Drill Rental is also available for anyone who wants to try out our MV Series No-Till Drills. Contact Martin about what is needed for someone to pull one of our three drills.

Contact Martin Anderson for Rates & to schedule your rental or custom work.

Drills For Custom Seeding, Rental & Sale!

2017 MV-600DS, 50', Wing Up Drill, Bourgault Seed Metere & Air System W/ Hydraulic Drive (Raven Controlled), Seed Opener 10" Centers, Palouse Shank Knife & 550# Trip on 20" Centers, 2500 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Cone Tank, 600 Gallon Starter Tank, Hydraulic Pump for Deep Band & Starter Fertilizer & W/ Raven Control (Envizio Pro).

2016 MV-390DD, 32'-6", Wing Up Drill, Krause Fluted Seed Cups, New Low Disturbance Seed Opener 7 1/2" Centers, Standard Deep Band Opener on 15" Centers, 1600 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Cone Tank, 535 Gallon Starter Tank, Rear Meter Wheel for Starter & Seed Drive, Hydraulic Pump for Deep Band Fertilizer W/ Raven Control.

1999 MV-300DD, 25', Single Frame, JD Fluted Seed Cups, Double Disk Deep Band & Seed, 15" Deep Band & 7 1/2" Seed Spacing, Great for CRP & Grass Take-Out, Heavy Duty