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custom options

Here are some Backpacker Options!

Tank Sizes:

Cone Bottom Tanks

- 1600 ACE "STD", 30 Deg., 90" Dia. x 85" Tall

- 1775 Snyder, 30 Deg., 86" Dia. x 96" Tall

- 2500 Norwesco, 30 Deg., HVY., 95" Dia. x 105" Tall

- 500 ACE, 45 Deg., 52" Dia., 81" Tall

*All Tank Saddles Made To Fit Specific Tank!

Tank Configurations:

Standard Single Tank or Double Tank to turn your backpacker into a Multi-Product Commodity Cart.

Cart Frames:

- TS 4" x 4" x 1/4" Frame for < 2000 Gallons

- TS 6" x 4" x 1/4" Super Frame for >2000 Gallons

Tire & Finals:

6602 & 6622 Finals, with 24.5-32 Tires are standard for Backpackers 1775 Gallons and under.

25,000# Hubs and Spindles with 30.5-32 Tires are standard for Backpackers 2000 Gallons and Over.

Floatation Tire Sizes are optional and customers may provide there own wheels & tires.


- CAT 4 Adjustable Cast Hitch in Front.

- Palouse Heavy Duty Adjustable Rear Reciever Hitch.


2 Sets of 1/2" Pioneer Quick Couplers & Hoses included. Additions Available on request.

Liquid System:

Bolt on Fill Holder allows customer to place fill location where ever they desire!

Mounting Locations for Pumps & Valves are Included!


Sprayer Wings:

Add Bolt on Sprayer Wings to you Backpacker & make it a true Multi-Purpose Cart. Nothing beats our Heavy Duty Spherical Bearing Hinges & Hydraulic Auto-Fold System when it comes to ease of use.

Wing Width:

Chose your width up to 100 FT and let us build sprayer wings to match your needs.